Team Effort to Clean Up Northside Trail and Tanyard Creek

On Thursday, October 16, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., Post Properties, and Chatham Landscape teamed up for a work day along the Northside Trail in Tanyard Creek Park. More than 80 people from both organizations came out early in the morning to do some heavy work in the park and the creek and were welcomed by Dave Stockert, the President and CEO of Post Properties.


Some crew members braved the chilly creek to clean trash and debris from the creek bed and along the trail, pulling trees and vegetation blocking the stream and collecting it for wood chipping.



Invasive species removal was also among the many tasks the crew accomplished, clearing out huge piles of kudzu and privet that have taken root in the park over time.



Teams also helped by ringing trees in the park with mulch, and walking the trail to clean signs and pick up trash along the way.



Another major component of the day involved slope repair. Erosion had become an issue in one area near the trail, and heavy rains caused the slope to fail, spilling dirt onto the trail and into the stream. This ongoing issue began to affect water flow and even undermine the trail itself. Chatham Landscape and Post Properties led the effort to repair the slope by strategically placing stones to divert water-flow, as well as seeding the slope so vegetation could grow and discourage erosion.

slope repair_web

All together, the hard-working crew managed to knock out an entire day’s work in just a few hours and left the park and the creek cleaner, healthier, and in better shape than before they arrived.

For more information about the Northside Trail and Tanyard Creek Park, visit our trails page.




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