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Volunteer Spotlight: Nathaniel Evans
posted in Volunteer, Volunteer Spotlight // 07/14/14

The Atlanta BeltLine is an exciting project, and it attracts a lot of amazing volunteers for a variety of reasons. Nathaniel Evans is one volunteer that not only enjoys helping the project along, but loves the spirit of volunteerism that comes along with working with other passionate volunteers.

Nathaniel Evans volunteering at the Atlanta BeltLine information booth.

Nathaniel Evans volunteering at the Atlanta BeltLine information booth.

Drawn to the project by the opportunity to work with people in Atlanta BeltLine communities, Nathaniel has been a volunteer for three years now, and has met a lot of people in that time. He has been inspired by all of the positive feedback about the Atlanta BeltLine that he receives from people in these communities. In his years as a volunteer, he has helped out with the Atlanta BeltLine Night at the Braves and Night at the Hawks, and has represented the Atlanta BeltLine at various festivals. His love of volunteerism doesn’t stop with the Atlanta BeltLine –  he has also volunteered at the Dogwood Festival and the Atlanta Jazz Festival in the past.

Nathaniel volunteered at Braves Night, helping to organize the group.

Nathaniel volunteered with Night at the Hawks, helping to organize the group.

Like most of our dedicated volunteers, Nathaniel enjoys getting out on the trail, too. He likes the interim hiking trail near Piedmont Park, and uses the West End Trail. He’s looking forward to transit; he says he can’t wait until the Downtown Streetcar connects to the Atlanta BeltLine transit loop. But, his favorite part about the Atlanta BeltLine, Nathaniel says, has been meeting people in the community. With three years of volunteer experience under his belt, he’s been able to guide new volunteers and share information with them.

We appreciate the effort and dedication of volunteers like Nathaniel. Do you want to volunteer with the Atlanta BeltLine and reach the people in your community, too? Look for opportunities to get involved at

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