One Fifth-Grader’s Take on the Atlanta BeltLine

Learning about the Atlanta BeltLine can be rewarding, Midvale Elementary student Ethan Lee found out. Ethan, who just graduated from the fifth grade, participated in the 2014 Georgia State Social Studies Fair. His project, which was all about the positive impacts that the Atlanta BeltLine would have on the city, won first place for Best in Discipline for Geography at the 5-6 grade level.

Ethan Lee's award-winning Atlanta BeltLine project
Ethan Lee’s award-winning Atlanta BeltLine project

We were very excited to get a chance to talk to Ethan about his project. Ethan said he became interested in the Atlanta BeltLine when his mom took him on a tour of it, after which he started doing his own research. For his project, Ethan took a look at the railroad corridor’s past (indicated on the poster board by the railroad tracks), the present progress, and the future of the transit, parks, and greenspace (indicated by the tree.)

When asked what his favorite part of the Atlanta BeltLine is, Ethan said, “the whole thing,” and that he only wishes that it could be built faster.

Ethan showed us the ribbons he won from winning at the district and regional levels, which advanced him to the state level where he dominated the Geography category. With young people like Ethan Lee taking an interest in Atlanta’s progress and learning about the impact of projects like the Atlanta BeltLine, we can’t wait to see what his generation has planned for the future of the city!

Check out the video that accompanied his project below:

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