Participants Complete First Phase of Atlanta BeltLine Workforce Partnership in Healthcare

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, New Hope Enterprises and other organizations who have collaborated to form the Atlanta BeltLine Workforce Partnership in Healthcare celebrated the graduation of 22 people from the first phase of the program on Friday, February 21st.  Having successfully completed the “soft skills” portion of their training through New Hope Enterprise’s nationally recognized STRIVE curriculum, 17 of the 22 graduates will continue in the program and receive technical training and life and career coaching that will prepare them for healthcare careers in the Grady Health System.


First Cohort in Healthcare
First Cohort in Healthcare

The program received a tremendous response, with more than 260 initial applicants. Following a rigorous informational and screening process, 38 participants began the program, with 22 graduating from the first phase.

“The response to our first Workforce Partnership in Healthcare is indicative of the need and demand for such career development opportunities,” said Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Program Director Rob Brawner. “What makes this program different than many others is the direct involvement of Grady Health System in designing the program to ensure it meets their needs – and the extensive collaboration between multiple partners to provide a tailored set of services.”

Funded in part through a grant from Atlanta CareerRise – the Atlanta affiliate of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and local champion for the workforce partnership model of workforce development – the Atlanta BeltLine Workforce Partnership in Healthcare is providing participants with the job readiness training, technical training, and coaching support required to secure full-time, entry-level healthcare employment as the first step towards a healthcare career.  Program partners include the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, Atlanta CareerRise, Atlanta Technical College, the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency, The Center for Working Families, Georgia Department of Labor, Grady Health System, and New Hope Enterprises.

In the next phase of the program, participants will receive two weeks of digital literacy training provided by New Hope Enterprises as well as basic healthcare and cultural literacy training through Atlanta Technical College’s Continuing Education Department.

In the final phase of training, candidates preparing for an administrative career in healthcare will train with New Hope Enterprises to receive Microsoft Office certification while candidates preparing for a clinical career will train with the American Red Cross at New Hope Enterprises to receive their Certified Nursing Assistant license.

Throughout their technical training and for up to 6-months after being hired, participants will receive coaching from The Center for Working Families in which they will develop financial plans and career goals and receive support in managing life issues.  Participants will also have access to support services offered through Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and the Georgia Department of Labor.

“We are excited for participants in this program to complete their training,” said Clay England, Executive Director of Human Resources for Grady Health System.  “We have been impressed with what we have seen so far from this group and are optimistic about this program’s ability to create a strong talent pipeline for our organization.”

The Workforce Partnership in Healthcare is part of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership’s broader efforts to facilitate the creation of live-work communities along the Atlanta BeltLine that promote triple bottom line benefits:

  • Economic Benefit: attract businesses and accelerate economic development along the Atlanta BeltLine by preparing a well-trained workforce.
  • Social Benefit: help connect disadvantaged populations around the Atlanta BeltLine with the new jobs and economic prosperity being created by it.
  • Environmental Benefit: increase the number of people who live and work along the Atlanta BeltLine, thereby spurring the use of transit and trails and mitigating the impact of traffic congestion and long automobile commutes on air quality and quality of life.

“We are pleased that 13 of the 17 participants continuing with the program live within 2 miles of the Atlanta BeltLine planning area,” said Brawner.  “The combination of shorter commutes and an employer like Grady Health System with facilities located along public transit routes should be a win for the employee, the employer, and the environment.”

For additional information on workforce partnerships and other Atlanta BeltLine employment initiatives, please visit or contact Rob Brawner, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Program Director at or 404-446-4405.

Workforce Partnership HC - First Cohort
Workforce Partnership HC – First Cohort

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