Keep the Momentum Going: Earn Cash for the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership When You Swipe Your Kroger Plus Card!

You can earn dollars for the Atlanta BeltLine every time you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus card. Simply sign up for a Kroger Plus Card if you do not already have one and then register your Rewards Plus card at Choose the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership – organization number 17728 – as your organization of choice.

Kroger will pay up to $187,500 on a quarterly basis to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Kroger Community Reward org

anizations. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership can earn as much as $8,000 quarterly – just through our supporters buying their weekly groceries!

Year after year, local nonprofit organizations earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards®. Just remember, this is the latest way you can help give back to the Atlanta BeltLine – simply by swiping your card when you buy groceries.

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Kroger Community Rewards
Kroger Community Rewards

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