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BeltLine Piper, the Eastside Trail Kitty, Finds a Forever Home
posted in Eastside Trail // 07/19/13

Since late last year, the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail has seen its fair share of visitors, and one famous resident: Piper T. Cat. After establishing his new home in a drain pipe just south of North Avenue, Piper set up a mailbox (at 640 Eastside Trail) and burst onto the social media scene (on facebook and twitter). As Piper settled into receiving daily mail, food, water, treats, toys, and pets from passersby, he also adjusted to the media spotlight on the local and national stage.

Piper recently found a new home nearby – see how it happened.

First, Piper decided that homeownership was more than he bargained for…
Then,  a potential buyer expressed interest…
Then it got serious…
With an accepted offer, Piper was ready to find a new home.
Finally, moving day arrives…
Eastside Trail kitty Piper's new home
Eastside Trail kitty Piper's new home
We want to thank Piper for being so welcoming to the users of the Eastside Trail! In the coming days, Perennial Properties will begin construction and grading as they continue development of their new apartment building, 755 North.

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