Eastside Trail Extension: Streetscape Improvement Concepts Along Wylie Street

As part of the design process  for the extension of the Eastside Trail, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is working with the City of Atlanta to improve the experience along Wylie Street for both cyclists and pedestrians between now and the implementation of transit. The design concept below was presented at a Study Group meeting in June with more than 60 neighborhood residents in attendance to provide feedback.

The existing sidewalks along Wylie Street will remain for pedestrians to walk from Krog Street to the Atlanta BeltLine Corridor, which is just west of Flat Shoals Road. The design concept uses a horizontal approach to traffic calming by breaking up long straight-a-ways and narrowing travel lanes in an effort to slow traffic, rather than the typical speed-hump traffic calming measures typically seen throughout Atlanta.

Wylie St Rendering, Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail Extension
A rendering of the Wylie Street concept plan. Click to enlarge.

The concept design includes implementing medians in the block between Short and Pearl Streets and between Kenyon Street and Flat Shoals Avenue. The concept also includes modifications to the existing travel lanes, such as removal of the center stripe and the installation of advisory bike lanes, which define the cyclist’s area with a dashed-white line. Advisory bike lanes function so that with no on-coming traffic, vehicles are required to stay outside of the bike lines; however, when there are oncoming vehicles from both sides, the cyclists and motorists will have to share their directional lane to allow safe passage of all travelers.

The existing on-street parking will be modified slightly to break-up the long straight-away that currently exists for much of this street. The on-street parking will shift between the north and south sides of the street. Some modifications may be made to the above rendering, based on comments received during our recent public meeting.

With additional funding, planted bulb-outs and medians may also be implemented. This would provide not only a more aesthetic streetscape, but also stormwater management improvement opportunities.

It should be noted that the proposed striping changes are conceptual only, and are subject to review by the Department of Public Works before we can implement these improvements.

Check out our construction progress page for projects currently underway.

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