Atlanta BeltLine Running Series Profile

Wil Cramer is the man to beat. He has placed first in every Atlanta BeltLine Running Series event in which he’s participated, and as the general manager of West Stride, breeds an atmosphere of competitive running around him. In Wil’s words:

I think the Atlanta BeltLine Running Series is a great way to get active Atlantans invested in a project that will change forever the way that people move throughout the city. I like that the running series highlights several different neighborhoods and invites runners to experience parts of Atlanta that they might not otherwise visit. I also think the awards are amazing!

An avid runner, Wil started running when he was just 12. And, while Wil started running to lose weight, today he is motivated by the feeling of accomplishment he achieves after a good effort and by continuing to push himself to run faster than before. He also says he does his best thinking during runs:

“I find that my mind is clearest when I’m running and that seems to be when I’m able to effectively think through all of the little stresses I encounter in day-to-day life,” explains Wil.

Wil tries to get a run in 5 days a week year-round, getting in a few dynamic warm-ups – like leg swings – before slowly beginning his run. Beyond his typical weekly routine, Wil often chooses 5K and 10K races as well as a one or two half marathons each year.

Wil is excited that he has been able to remain competitive on a local level for many years, competing and placing well in many races during his running career.

“The ‘Long Run’ is probably my favorite training run.  I really enjoy doing my long runs in the city, taking the opportunity to explore all of Atlanta’s diverse in-town neighborhoods.  I like heading up to the Chattahoochee River or Kennessaw Mountain as well, but the ‘In-town Sunday Long Run’ is the best,” Wil says.

Wil Cramer
Wil Cramer of West Stride is an Atlanta BeltLine Running Series superstar!

The Atlanta BeltLine Running Series is a fantastic way for people to become more familiar with the Atlanta BeltLine – and burn a few calories in the process! In addition to offering a series of great races and monthly Run Clubs that showcase the amazing developments happening along different segments of the Atlanta BeltLine, the Atlanta BeltLine Running Series gives people a chance to see the Atlanta BeltLine first-hand, get excited about the progress, spread the word, and help raise awareness in the community about all that the Atlanta BeltLine has to offer. For information on upcoming races, the Atlanta BeltLine Active Lifestyle Challenge and more, please visit

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