Details on Ponce de Leon Avenue improvement projects

After many years of studying, planning and reporting on maintenance and safety issues along the Ponce de Leon Avenue corridor, the City of Atlanta is taking advantage of several funding sources to improve this arterial road between Piedmont Avenue and Briarcliff Road / Moreland Avenue. The project list is a direct result of studies dating back several years, including, but not limited to the Ponce de Leon/Moreland Ave Corridors Study (2005) and the Pedestrian Safety Audit Study, prepared by PEDs (2010).

Recognizing that the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) would be implementing different elements of maintenance and safety improvements over several different projects, the City of Atlanta assembled team leads from each organization to more efficiently coordinate and execute the projects. On February 7, 2013, community and business meetings kicked off to inform the public of the upcoming improvements. As the individual project planning efforts continue to progress, we will share project details via our blog, website, and future community meetings.

Below is the general overview of the four major projects given at the meetings:

2013 Ponce De Leon Avenue Improvement Projects General Overview

Ponce de Leon Avenue improvements - funded project - Feb 2013
Funded road improvement projects along Ponce de Leon Avenue and the Eastside Trail.

A.  Milling/Resurfacing Project – Georgia Department of Transportation

i. Project limits: Milling and restriping is scheduled for US 29/US 78/US 278/SR 8, which
travels from North Avenue to Ponce de Leon Avenue between State Street and Briarcliff
Road/Moreland Avenue (SR 42/US 23).

ii. Project Scope: The project comprises the milling of Ponce de Leon Avenue, restriping
lanes, and crosswalks consistent with the proposed lane changes associated with the
Ponce LCI project and the GDOT Pedestrian Safety Project. The project is expected to take approximately one year.

Ponce de Leon Avenue improvements - schematic - Jan 2013
Cross-section of bicycle improvements along Ponce de Leon Avenue between Juniper Street and Ponce de Leon Place.

B.  Safety Improvement Project – Georgia Department of Transportation

i. Project limits: Ponce de Leon Avenue from Piedmont Avenue to Briarcliff Road/Moreland Avenue (SR 42/US 23).

ii. Project Scope: This project will increase pedestrian safety along the corridor through
HAWK systems, tactile warning pads, increased pedestrian lighting and increased
pedestrian countdown signalization. In addition to improved signalization at all
intersections and increased pedestrian lighting throughout the project corridor. Sidewalk safety improvements are estimated to begin within the next few years.

C.  Ponce de Leon Avenue Pedestrian Facilities and Atlanta BeltLine Intermodal Connections, Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Grant Project – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

i. Project limits: Ponce de Leon Avenue from Boulevard/Monroe Drive to Freedom
Parkway/Freedom Park.

ii. Project Scope: The proposed road section (to be partially implemented as part of milling project)
includes: four vehicular travel lanes; one two-way left turn lane; sidewalks that are
ADA compliant and minor pedestrian obstruction from above ground utility poles;
enhanced bus shelters within the project limits; planting strip within the project limits
and installation of lighting as necessary; buffered bicycle lanes, vertical connections to the Atlanta BeltLine, and limited sidewalk improvements and resetting of curbs as necessary (currently anticipated under the Atlanta BeltLine Ponce Overpass).

D.  Transportation, Community, and System Preservation (TCSP) Grant PCM Plaza Interface
Project – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

i. Project limits: Atlanta BeltLine, between North Ave and Ponce de Leon Ave.

ii. Project Scope: Construct a pedestrian plaza providing pedestrian connection between
the Atlanta BeltLine and Ponce City Market (Former City Hall East). Project elements will
include: a plaza area between the rail shed and the Eastside Trail (under construction); a
bike/pedestrian connection between the Eastside Trail and the remodeled rail shed; a
sidewalk/ramp system that fronts the remodeled rail shed, and funding permits, the
sidewalk/ramp system will be extended to North Ave, for access to Historic Fourth Ward

You may also download the list of Ponce de Leon improvement projects as a PDF.

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  1. While I am excited about the bike lane project on Ponce de Leon Ave, I am very concerned about losing a lane on both sides. If you have passed by Ponce by the McDonald near the Monroe Drive you must have seen cars backed up on the eastbound because of the cars trying to make left turn into McDonalds. First of all, these cars are making illegal turn since its double yellow lane. You are not supposed to make left turn here!!! Suppose there is one less lane the traffic by this area would be horrendous unless the city place a block to prevent left turn. Another area is by the shopping center across from the Ponce city market. I really hope they place a divider to prevent these illegal left turns.

    1. I think this will be a huge improvement over the existing road layout. The new middle lane will increase safety for those turning left and general through traffic. I’ve seen many accidents from left turning traffic on this road. Currently the two middle lanes are not used as much by through traffic because of the high risk of getting stuck behind someone turning left. This should also help with those who are confused about the significance of the double yellow lines in the middle of the road, e.g. the double lines mean one should not pass in oncoming lane.

    2. IMO, I don’t think the impact on traffic will be all that bad. Sure, in that little stretch might be impacted, but it rarely backs up very far due to those illegal left turns and the far right lane should still be moving a little more. However, I think you’ve touched on the real issue: the illegal left turns! Perhaps someone from the Beltline will see these comments and help relay that info to GDOT and company. These turns are dangerous and definitely do clog up traffic here and there (another spot is near PCM and Whole Foods with people making the left across double yellow lines and holding up traffic). It’s unfortunate that they’re not installing a median along stretches of Ponce…might slow high speeders a bit and also add some green to a crapy looking stretch of concrete

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