Cycle Atlanta app shows bicycle love for the Atlanta BeltLine!

While Cycle Atlanta only burst onto the app scene a few months ago, it is already blazing trails. Cycle Atlanta supplied developers at Georgia Tech with data from the app in a transit day hack-a-thon and below is a section of the map they produced. The thickness of the line indicates the frequency of use. We have highlighted the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail along with the future expansions of the corridor to DeKalb Avenue and through Reynoldstown and Glenwood Park.

Cycle Atlanta app - Jan 2013
Data collected from the Cycle Atlanta app shows the frequency with which Atlanta cyclists use certain corridors and roadways. The Eastside Trail is shining bright.

You can view the full Cycle Atlanta map online here, but it may take a while to load due to the large amount of data. Here is a little background on Cycle Atlanta from their website:

Cycle Atlanta is a smartphone app for recording your bicycle trips. When you use the app, you are giving transportation planners with the City of Atlanta the data they need to make Atlanta a better place to ride.


The app uses your phone’s GPS record your routes in real-time, allowing the City of Atlanta to know which routes cyclists prefer. The app will also allow users to report problems along their route such as potholes, obstructed bike lanes, etc. The information collected by the app will be used by the City of Atlanta to make strategic improvements to bicycle infrastructure. This will make cycling in Atlanta more pleasant, and encourage those who currently don’t bike to give it a go.

You can download the Cycle Atlanta app for iPhone and Android (links are on Cycle Atlanta’s website).

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