Citywide Conversation: Next Steps for Implementing the Atlanta BeltLine

What are the next steps for the Atlanta BeltLine? The Atlanta BeltLine is a massive, comprehensive project that touches more than 45 neighborhoods. While a great deal of work has been accomplished in the past six years, there is much more to do.
We must answer important questions about how we build the rest of the project – and we can only do that with your help.

In 2013, we will release an implementation plan that will guide us through the next five years as well as the next two decades. Working with the community and our partners, we finalized 10 master plans; completed a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement for transit and trails; created an  Equitable Development Plan; an Environmental Justice Policy; Community Benefits Principles; built five parks, three trails, and interim hiking trails; developed affordable housing; and created a dynamic public art program.

aerial view of Allene Avenue and the Atlanta BeltLine
This aerial view of Allene Avenue in Adair Park shows the unifying impact the Atlanta BeltLine can have on historic neighborhoods, new development, greenspace, present transit (MARTA, shown in the top of the photo), future transit, and trails.

We need your help to inform the priorities of the project moving forward. The upcoming Citywide Conversation is your opportunity to hear about how we are shaping this plan, and what criteria we will use to prioritize projects. Following the Citywide Conversation, Study Group meetings will be scheduled to get your input on how we move projects forward.

Please join us as we begin the next exciting chapter for the Atlanta BeltLine!

  • What: Citywide Conversation – Atlanta BeltLine Implementation Plan
  • When: November 15, 2012 from 6:30 – 8 p.m.
  • Where: Friendship Baptist Church, 437 Mitchell Street, Atlanta 30313

View details about the Citywide Conversation for the Implementation Plan here.

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  1. Isn’t there normally a “Click here to add this to your calendar” link? I hope I’m not just overlooking it — but in any event, here’s a link that will add the event to Google Calendar: Steps for Implementing the Atlanta BeltLine&dates=20121115T183000/20121115T200000&sprop=Atlanta Beltline&location=437 Mitchell Street, Atlanta 30313&details=More Info:

    (I had to cut “Citywide Conversation: ” from the title, and the URL back to this page to fit within the requisite number of characters for a URL.)

    1. Joe- we did have that feature but removed it to work out some bugs. We hope to have it back soon, bug-free. Thanks.

    1. Lordsik- the southeast corridor is in private ownership and is still an active rail line. It will take time, negotiations and resources for this to change. Design will get underway for this section within the next year, which is a critical first step.

  2. The Beltline is a great asset and I am happy to see Atlanta making progress towards its completion. My priorities for the next five years would be: 1) Complete the Eastside Trail; 2) Provide lighting for safety. People are on the trail at all hours at night and it would be horrible for the individual and bad press if something were to happen on it. Also, it can not be considered a true transportation alternative without lighting; and 3) add trash cans and benches along the trail.

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