Sneak Peek of First New Atlanta Streetcar in Production!

The first new Atlanta Streetcar is coming to life at the Seimens factory in Sacramento, California! It’s awaiting its propulsion system, which is being manufactured in Alpharetta, but it will eventually be in service along downtown Atlanta streets. The streetcar is the first in a series of visible, tangible steps that Atlanta has taken to expand its transit system in over a decade. Ultimately, four cars will be manufactured for the downtown streetcar line that will eventually connect to Atlanta BeltLine transit. Dream big, Atlanta – this is just the beginning.

In 2008, the Regional Transit Committee (formerly the Transit Planning Board) adopted Concept 3 as Atlanta’s official long-term vision for transit after several years of collaboration and work. You can see how it all fits together on the map above.

Atlanta Streetcar on flatbed
One of four Atlanta Streetcars loaded onto a flatbed truck at the factory in California.

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