Statement from ABI Board Chair John Somerhalder

“Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has had incredible success building significant portions of the Atlanta BeltLine and has overcome great challenges along the way. Thanks to committed and expert staff and the work of great partner organizations, the Atlanta BeltLine is transforming the City of Atlanta, bringing badly needed infrastructure and amenities that did not previously exist to our communities. Anything less than conservative, transparent stewardship of taxpayer dollars is simply unacceptable. Atlantans believe in the Atlanta BeltLine and trust those of us who are leading it to shepherd the project and protect their investment in it. We must take every action necessary to ensure proper and accountable stewardship of taxpayer funds and the efficient delivery of this transformative project. While Invest Atlanta has already put strong measures in place following the TAD audit, the Board of Directors will continue to implement policies that protect taxpayer funds and advance the Atlanta BeltLine.”

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