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How Do I Get There? Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine from Washington Park
posted in Access Points, West End Trail // 08/06/12

Please note that the Westside Trail is under construction through the fall of 2017. You will not be able to access the trail at this location until construction is complete. At that time, we will update our access point videos and descriptions.

The old railroad corridor that now forms the Atlanta BeltLine bisects Lena Street in the Washington Park neighborhood to the west of downtown. You’ll find the interim hiking trail at the southwest corner of Washington Park at the western deadend of Lena Street coming from the direction of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard. The trail is accessible from the Ashby MARTA station at the intersection of Joseph E. Lowery and Lena Street.

Historically, the north-south rail line divided these two neighborhoods. Now, they are connected east to west by the Lionel Hampton Trail and connected north to south by the Atlanta BeltLine’s interim hiking trail (and will be connected by transit in the future).

accessing the Atlanta BeltLine at Washington Park

At the dead end of Lena Street (seen here, next to Washington Park), you can access the Atlanta BeltLine interim hiking trail where it intersects with the Lionel Hampton PATH.

The trail is situated directly on Washington Park, a major greenspace with a tennis center, natatorium, pavilions, and playground. From here, you can hop onto the interim hiking trail (on foot or on mountain bike) and head south to Gordon White Park and then onto Adair Park. You can also link into the Atlanta BeltLine’s paved West End Trail. This segment is just one example of how the linear parkspace and transit of this project will serve to reconnect communities historically divided by railroads.

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  1. Mrs. Carnella Robinson says:

    I live at 1022 Lena Street, across from Washington Park. As a part of enjoying the 14 years of my home’s beauty and eloquence, many exterior photos were taken that depict the richness of this historic Westside Beltline section.
    While exploring Bing, visitors would be dazzled by some of my more updated, scenic photos of the area’s splendor. How can I add a few of my sites to your file of presentations on the Bing internet search?

    Reply | February 17, 2018 at 11:02 pm

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