How You Can Support The Atlanta BeltLine Moving Forward

The Atlanta BeltLine has grown from a student’s master’s thesis to the most comprehensive redevelopment project in America. Today, Atlantans are using new trails, enjoying new parks, living in more walkable, sustainable neighborhoods, and anticipating new transit – for which foundational work is underway.

The Atlanta BeltLine vision has persevered through challenges for one reason – YOU. Unmatched community support is the Atlanta BeltLine’s greatest asset. Tens of thousands of passionate advocates like you support the Atlanta BeltLine in countless ways, including with your time as volunteers, your votes for supportive candidates and measures, and your financial contributions.

sign supporting the Atlanta BeltLine
Supporters show love for the Atlanta BeltLine. Photo credit Christopher T. Martin.

Now more than ever, the Atlanta BeltLine needs you – and needs to cultivate more grass roots supporters like you. The organization focused every day on growing the base of support for the Atlanta BeltLine is The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership.  If you want to ensure that more people learn about and support the Atlanta BeltLine, go to now to make a donation.

Your support will help fund a variety of programs that raise awareness and create ownership – including free guided tours, Adopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine, Atlanta BeltLine 101 presentations, the Atlanta BeltLine information booth at neighborhood festivals, the Atlanta BeltLine Running Series, and much more – all of which are paid for exclusively with private contributions. And, when you donate now, AGL Resources will match your gift dollar for dollar.

Earth Day on the Atlanta BeltLine 2012
Every year, hundreds of volunteers come together for Earth Day on the Atlanta BeltLine. With the help of the dedicated volunteers and communities around the project, the Atlanta BeltLine continues to progress. Photo credit: Christopher T. Martin.

Your support of The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership will also help ensure that we continue to raise the private capital necessary to advance implementation of the Atlanta BeltLine. And it will further our efforts to galvanize diverse partners to address important issues – like economic displacement, health, and employment – that impact the lives of people living in communities around the Atlanta BeltLine.

With your support, we know the Atlanta BeltLine vision will be fully realized. Please visit and thank you!

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  1. We voted for TSPLST just for the Beltline Project. The above information is good to know and that is what we will do as well with what we were prepared to pay. Is there anyway to use this as a campaign to generate donations?

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thank you for your support! Our annual membership and capitol campaign are on-going and we have seen an outpouring of support in the wake of the Referendum vote. We encourage you to share this post with friends and family who also support the project to help fund the outstanding programs of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership.
      Thanks again!

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