The Atlanta BeltLine Forges Ahead

Thank you for voting in yesterday’s referendum. As the sun rises on another day of progress for the Atlanta BeltLine, the project endures as the single most compelling vision for the future of Atlanta and the region. Tens of thousands of passionate grassroots supporters remain engaged and the philanthropic and business communities remain invested in this transformative project.

Despite the most challenging economy in a generation and a host of other tests along the way, the Atlanta BeltLine has:

  • built more than 30 acres of new and renewed parks and opened 11 miles of new trails;
  • completed foundational studies to implement transit;
  • funded new affordable housing; and
  • attracted more than $1 billion in private sector investment.

We will continue to build the Atlanta BeltLine with funding from the Tax Allocation District, private donations, and other sources of federal and local funding. We look forward to working with you to continue building this transformative project.

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