Plan B: Toll Roads and No New Transit Funding

Sunday’s AJC had an in-depth piece looking at all of the potentially viable “Plan B” scenarios if the July 31 Transportation Referendum does not pass. Groups ranging from the Georgia Sierra Club to the Tea Party, who oppose the Referendum, have stated that there is a viable second option, or “Plan B.” According to the AJC:

“The conclusion of many independent analysts is that, if the vote fails, only one class of major transportation expansion has a relatively clear way forward, financially and politically: toll roads.”


Then this:

“Beyond the proposed sales tax, there is no existing source of money for major transit projects. The state gas tax legally cannot be spent on mass transit. County taxes can, but county budgets are stretched as it is, and so is the state’s general fund.


“If voters reject the sales tax, even existing transit services may be endangered. The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, which would get $95 million from the referendum for its commuter bus service, expects to run out of money by summer 2013. MARTA, which would get $600 million for upgrades from the new tax, has a $2.3 billion backlog, according to its general manager.”


The stakes are high. Early voting is now open! Vote!

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