Tree Removal at Historic Fourth Ward Park

Historic Fourth Ward Park, which opened to the public a little over a year ago, has brought many happy days to our city in its short existence. During the park’s construction,  great care was taken to preserve three old growth trees on the park’s western edge. Sadly, we have recently learned that two of those trees have been suffering from a tree rot disease for several years, and the symptoms have only recently manifested themselves visibly. As a result, the Forestry division of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs is in the process of removing these two trees within the next couple weeks (the smaller of the two has already been removed).

We will work with our partners at the Parks Department and Trees Atlanta to identify funding to plant a grove of oak trees in this location.

Diseased Tree at Historic Fourth Ward Park
Testing revealed that this tree, the smallest of the three old growth trees at Historic Fourth Ward Park, was completely hollowed out by a tree rot virus.

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