Atlanta BeltLine Projects on the City of Atlanta’s 15% List for the Transportation Referendum

Earlier this month, the City of Atlanta announced the list of projects it anticipates funding with the 15 percent of local funds from the Transportation Referendum. A collection of these City projects would connect the current multi-use path in Tanyard Creek Park to the Lindbergh area, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to navigate in between the major arteries of Peachtree and Piedmont Roads.

Atlanta BeltLine path from Peachtree Hills to Lindbergh
The Atlanta BeltLine will run from Bobby Jones Golf Course, through Peachtree Hills and just past Lindbergh, as indicated by the green line between the two red stars.

Linking up with the Atlanta BeltLine’s Northside Trail at N. Colonial Homes Circle, the path would turn south down Dellwood Drive and head east through the Bennett Street gallery district. At Peachtree Road, the path would cross at grade and parallel Peachtree Park Drive on the southern shore of Peachtree Creek. At the dead end of Peachtree Park Drive, the trail will cross to the northern side of the creek where it will run up to Piedmont Avenue. It will come out at Garson Drive, where it will cross Piedmont Avenue and continue directly along Adina Avenue. Where Adina Avenue turns north, the Atlanta BeltLine trail will merge with the “Georgia 400 Trail.” The Georgia 400 Trail is a planned path that will wind for five miles through the heart of Buckhead’s business district on its way to Sandy Springs.

This new addition to the Atlanta BeltLine would link large Atlanta nodes to one another in new and safe avenues for pedestrians and cyclists. Imagine strolling to the Bennett Street arts haven from Piedmont Avenue alongside Peachtree Creek. Residents from Lindbergh Center to Peachtree Hills to Ardmore Park can walk or bike to work or doctor’s appointments around Piedmont Hospital. The trail would open up access to the Lindbergh MARTA Station to people all along the trail.

If you look for the projects on the 15 percent list, you will find them stated as follows:

  • Atlanta BeltLine Trail from Dellwood Dr to Peachtree Rd (US 19/SR 9) – Multi-use Path
  • Atlanta BeltLine Trail from Peachtree Rd (US 19/SR 9) to Peachtree Creek Area – Multi-use Path
  • Atlanta BeltLine Trail from Peachtree Hills Park Area to Adina Dr – Multi-use Path (at Lindbergh by 85, east of Piedmont)

Another project on the 15 percent list would start building the first part of the Atlanta BeltLine trail in northwest Atlanta. Along with road widening along Huff Road from the CSX railroad bridge to Howell Mill Road (two travel lanes, with a twoway left-turn lane, and sidewalks), it would also add a multi-use path connection to the Atlanta BeltLine trail that will eventually traverse the northern side of the Waterworks. You can see the green line of the Atlanta BeltLine trail in the rendering below and the dotted blue line of projected transit.

We can translate these plans into reality by getting out and voting on July 31 regarding the Transportation Referendum

subarea 8 - Huff Road connection to BeltLine
A multi-use path will connect Huff Road to the Atlanta BeltLine trail that runs just north of the Waterworks. While the red line just below the Waterworks is a possible route, it will more than likely run alongside Huff Road before turning north and paralleling the railroad tracks.

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  1. Hey — thanks for posting this all in one convenient place. You guys just saved me a ton of time tracking down how TSPLOST will affect the westside! Also, this is my first time really delving into the new site. It is so incredibly functional! I was able to find everything I needed within minutes. It’s also pretty gorgeous — just like the BeltLine!

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