Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren Cohen with the Atlanta BeltLine Speakers’ Bureau

Our superstar volunteers are one [really big] part of what makes building this project so enjoyable – and so do-able! Lauren Cohen is one of those volunteers who embraces the Atlanta BeltLine in her capacity as a Speakers’ Bureau member. With a background in real estate, the redevelopment aspect of the project really sparked her imagination. She’s fascinated with the opportunity the Atlanta BeltLine offers to completely transform the landscape of our city.

Lauren parlayed her passion for the project into a role on the Speakers’ Bureau. In that role, she makes presentations at public meetings, most notably our Atlanta BeltLine 101 information sessions. Speakers Bureau members also help educate groups when organizations request a representative to come out and give the 101 presentation.

Raised in East Point and a graduate of Tri-Cities High School, Lauren is truly an Atlanta native. She has never lived anywhere else and can’t quite put her finger on why she loves the south and Atlanta so much except for there’s “something about it, I just don’t want to leave.” So, she went to an Atlanta BeltLine meeting a few years ago and picked up literature on the project. She called Sharron Sylvain of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership and set up an interview to become a part of the Speakers’ Bureau. She interviewed with Rob Brawner and got the job (yes, even though it is a volunteer position, there is such demand that the Partnership conducts a full interview process!). Lauren started in 2009.

The Atlanta BeltLine is, surprisingly, Lauren’s first volunteer gig. She truly appreciates the chance that this project gives her to get involved and engage and educate the community. Thank you, Lauren, for all you do!

When not presenting, Lauren loves playing with her daughter and cooking (she finds it very therapeutic).

Read about the Speakers’ Bureau and all of the ways you can get involved with the Atlanta BeltLine! And check back as we grow our library of volunteer spotlights.

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