40 Days to Go – What You Need to Know

The July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum is an historic opportunity for Metro Atlanta. It would be the single largest investment in transit since the MARTA system. This is what it means for the Atlanta BeltLine. Please watch and share.

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  1. The belt line convinced this family of 4 to sell our 3000+ sq ft home in west cobb and are moving into a condo right on the beltline in Inman park! It turns out that I can ride bikes with both my kids all the way to both of their schools. And good schools they are! Mary Lin Elementary & Inman Middle. We WANT this walkable lifestyle and don’t want to live in the “suburban wasteland”. Living near work will give us the life we want. Sitting in traffic everyday for 2 hours is completely insane. Yeah, our 2 bedroom condo is the same monthly payment as our old mortgage, but we are gaining more money, time, and less stress! We move in 2 weeks and can’t wait to meet some of our new neighbors. 🙂

  2. I fervently want to see the Beltline built. I am equally fervent about not voting more taxpayers’ money (especially for ten years!) to do that: the money needs to be diverted from EXISTING funds, and no voter should be expected to vote for additional money until the politicians are forced to re-route EXISTING funds to projects like the Beltline, MARTA, and other non-road-based transport.

    1. I so agree with you on this. And if it were just the Beltine being voted for, I’d say okay, maybe. But it’s being lumped in with nonsensical transportation projects. Build/expand/finish the Beltine and fix MARTA and the decrepit existing roads, then let’s look at other options. I only drive 140 miles a day to get my daughter back and forth to school because the MARTA route that stopped right in front of her school was axed.

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