Transportation Referendum Projects in Bite Sized Chunks

The July 31 Transportation Referendum is almost here. It’s a big decision. If it passes, it means transit on the Atlanta BeltLine in just a few short years, much faster than would otherwise be possible. To provide a better understanding of what the Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects on the Referendum list are, we’ve broken them into four bite sized chunks.

As explained previously, the Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects will build 10.2 miles of new transit, with approximately 5 miles on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor and 5 miles on city streets through midtown and downtown, connecting to the Atlanta Streetcar (now underway) and MARTA in 3 locations.

Here, we’ve broken the Referendum project into four parts, which is how it will be built. The four segments are:

  • Atlanta Streetcar Extension West (TIS 1W): This project would build an extension of the Atlanta Streetcar with access to the Peachtree Center MARTA station, Georgia World Congress Center, and Georgia Tech.
  • Crosstown / Midtown Connection (TIS 2): This leg would build streetcar transit across Midtown, connecting the Atlanta BeltLine’s east and west sides and either the Midtown or North Ave MARTA Station.
  • Atlanta BeltLine West (TIS 4 & 6): This segment would be built directly on the old rail corridor on the Atlanta BeltLine’s west side and run 4.9 miles from a new MARTA station at Donald Lee Hollowell near Maddox Park and run south to the Kroger Citi-Center.
  • Atlanta BeltLine East (TIS 1E, 3 & 5): This section would also be built on the old rail corridor, alongside the current Eastside Trail. Transit would run from Piedmont Park, through the crosstown connection, and down to meet the Atlanta Streetcar.
The Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects will use the same vehicles and systems. For example, riders would have a single-seat ride from Piedmont Park to Downtown with no transfers.
The Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects on the Regional Transportation Referendum list, broken down into implementation segments. The dashed green lines in the map above are possible future extensions of the Referendum projects, which would reach further south on both the east and west sides of the Atlanta BeltLine.
Like the connectivity? Like the ability to transfer from MARTA and reach your final destination? Get up to speed, tell your friends and neighbors to do the same, and remember to vote on July 31.

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