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How Do I Get There? Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine Along the West End Trail at Langhorn and Greenwich
posted in Access Points // 05/08/12

Please note that the Westside Trail is under construction through the fall of 2017. You will not be able to access the trail at this location until construction is complete. At that time, we will update our access point videos and descriptions.

In this access point video, we are on the Atlanta BeltLine’s West End Trail where it runs alongside Langhorn Street. You can access the current paved path and the transit corridor across from Greenwich Street. To the south is Gordon White Park and to the north are I-20 and Westview Drive. You can ride or walk the West End Trail all the way out to Westview Cemetery. The woods you see in this video are home to the future Enota Park.

The gravel driveway at this spot will lead you directly onto the old rail corridor and our interim hiking trail. It also gives you a full view of the BeltLine Bears mural by Kyle Brooks – a part of our 2011 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition.

See a map with the location of this access point and explore the rest of our Atlanta BeltLine access points.

West End Trail and access to the Atlanta BeltLine corridor

Alongside the Atlanta BeltLine West End Trail is a retaining wall with a mural from 2011 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine titled “BeltLine Bears.”

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