Transportation Referendum Less Than 90 Days Away – Are You Up To Speed?

The July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum is pivotal moment for Metro Atlanta – less than 90 days from now. If approved, it will be the largest single transportation investment in the Metro Region’s history. It is an unprecedented opportunity.

For the Atlanta BeltLine, this is an opportunity to build transit within just a few short years, helping to fulfill the grassroots vision for the future of our city and region.

It is up to each voter to make up their own mind with the benefit of good information. Now is the time to get the facts – and to share them with your friends. There are several upcoming opportunities to learn more. Please take advantage of them.

Here’s how you can get the facts:

In person: Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is hosting five upcoming information sessions.

On the phone: The Atlanta Regional Commission is hosting 12 “Wireside Chats” in the month of June where local officials will provide a brief overview of the July 31st referendum and the project list it would fund. These evening phone conversations are organized by jurisdiction and you are invited to participate in as many as you’d like. You can register for them here.

Online: We have a dedicated page on our website with specific information about Atlanta BeltLine and Streetcar projects. The Atlanta Regional Commission and the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network have comprehensive information about the entire 157-project list on the Referendum.

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