How Do I Get There? Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine in the Northeast by Dutch Valley

In the northeast segment of the city, a small driveway off of Monroe Drive connects to the Atlanta BeltLine’s hiking trail. The signs for the Piedmont Park parking deck will guide you west onto Evelyn Street. On foot, you can veer right from Evelyn onto the driveway that leads you to the trail. It parallels Dutch Valley, a small street of condos and restaurants. Evelyn Street also leads to the Piedmont Park parking deck and crosses the corridor on the way up the hill, however, the road is closed to pedestrians at that point.

If you’re already out walking the Atlanta BeltLine trail and reach this point, there is (as of this writing) a picnic table where you can take a break and take in views of the Midtown skyline. You can also see the back of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Walk south down the trail and you will reach the Piedmont Park dog park, Amsterdam Walk (there is a goat path down the hill to the shops and restaurants, but it’s a little steep) and Midtown. Head north and you’ll reach Piedmont Avenue (via Westminster Drive) and Ansley Mall. You can also walk up to the Botanical Gardens via trails that connect through the woods at our access point at Westminster.

The Belvedere condo complex, seen in the video above, has adopted this section of the Atlanta BeltLine and are already building pathways from their building out to the hiking trail.

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Lewis Gulch on the Atlanta BeltLine
Behind the Belvedere condos is a place we call Lewis Gulch. It's where the old railroad blasted through rock and built a bridge over Clear Creek for connectivity. It is now a peaceful spot on the trail.

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