How do I get there? Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine’s Northside Trail in Tanyard Creek Park

Off of Collier Road in between Peachtree Road and Northside Drive, you will find Tanyard Creek Park, home to the Atlanta BeltLine’s northside trail. The one-mile long, 14-foot-wide running, biking and walking path winds beside Tanyard Creek through the park which also has a playground, open fields, and forests. The trail runs close to Piedmont Hospital and makes for an easy walk from the medical center. It is such a picturesque park!

From Peachtree Road, you can turn west down Colonial Homes Drive (in between Houston’s and Justin’s restaurants) and walk between the apartments and condos to Bobby Jones Golf Course. Make a left and you will find the trail across the street. As you wind through the forest, you’ll pass under Collier Road where the video below was taken:

Off of Collier Road (across the street from Overbrook Drive) is a small parking lot and a ramp down to the path. The playground is also located nearby.

Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine's northside trail in Tanyard Creek Park
The Atlanta BeltLine's Northside Trail where is passes under Collier Road.

Further along the trail, you’ll skim along the edge of the open greenspace and pass underneath a railroad trestle that is the actual Atlanta BeltLine railroad corridor. Once you pass into Ardmore Park, you can continue along the path to Ardmore Road and 28th Street or Goodson Lane and 26th Street. 28th and 26th Streets both bring you back out onto Peachtree where you can make a left and go north to complete the loop.

If you’re wondering where the Atlanta BeltLine rail corridor crosses Peachtree Road, it passes underneath it beside the Citgo gas station and just south of Bennett Street art galleries.

We hope you’ll come out and enjoy the Atlanta BeltLine trails! In the meantime, you can read our growing collection of blog posts on where to access the Atlanta BeltLine throughout the city.

Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine's northside trail in Tanyard Creek Park
Take a stroll through the woods along the Atlanta BeltLine trail and you may forget you're in the heart of the city.

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  1. Can’t you just give the exact street address of the N and S trailheads, so a person can use GPS?

      1. The new Peachtree Creek Greenway somehow has managed to give street addresses for its 3 trailheads. They may not be perfect, because the Greenway is not a street in the postal system either — but the addresses get people there.

        After all this time, people STILL can’t figure out where to access the BeltLine and where to park. It’s a problem.

  2. Is it possible to walk from the end of Biscayne Drive to the Beltline (without going up to Peachtree and then down Colonial Homes Dr.)?

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