How Do I Get There? Accessing the Atlanta BeltLine Hiking Trail in the Northeast

In talking with residents about the Atlanta BeltLine, we often get the questions, “Where exactly is the trail?” and “How can I access the Atlanta BeltLine?” We’re starting a series of blog posts and videos today that will show you exactly where the Atlanta BeltLine hiking trails (both paved and unpaved) and how you can get to them. We highly encourage you to get out and take a walk and see the old rail corridor as it is today so you can get excited about what the project will look like in the future!

In the northeast part of Atlanta, you can access the Atlanta BeltLine hiking trails behind Ansley Mall on the border of the Ansley Park neighborhood. In the video below, you can see the interim hiking trail with the bridge over Clear Creek and the Georgia Tech sculpture by the School of Architecture.

If you park behind Publix and the Bank of America off of Monroe Drive, you can walk through the open gates in the green fencing to reach the trail (don’t worry, we own this section of trail, so it’s fine for you to walk it). You can see the Bank of America on a google map here. As you walk through the gates, you will overlook the Ansley Park Golf Club. From here, you can go left and walk south to Piedmont Park and Midtown or go right and walk north to Montgomery Ferry. You can walk all the way up to interstate 85 where the Atlanta BeltLine tunnels under the massive highway just north of where it splits with 75. At that point, you will hit several lines of active rail and we don’t encourage you to venture past that point.

You can always get the latest updates and photos of the project on our Atlanta BeltLine facebook page!

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