Development will center on affordability, economic development, and regional connectivity

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP), with the support of the City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta, have purchased ±31 acres at 425 Chappell Road, NW, 30318. This latest land acquisition represents ABI’s largest transaction to date in support of affordable housing. It is part of ABI’s strategy to create thoughtful development that spurs affordable housing, job creation, small business growth, and connectivity through land ownership.

Situated in the Bankhead/Historic Westin Heights neighborhood and adjacent to the Grove Park neighborhood, 425 Chappell Road is located approximately a half-mile from the Bankhead MARTA station. It sits near a planned segment of the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail, south of both Maddox Park and Westside Park, with potential to extend the Proctor Creek Trail from the Westside Park to Washington Park through the Chappell Road site. The location – with possibilities for regional transit and trail connectivity – has sparked a large influx of interest from private developers and corporations, most notably Microsoft with its planned 90-acre campus.

425 Chappell Road site map
Map of 425 Chappell Road and surrounding areas.

ABI acknowledges, and is taking action on, the development pressure that has already begun to impact long-term residents and businesses. In 2020, ABI rolled out a new public data visualization tool, the Atlanta BeltLine Data Explorer in partnership with Neighborhood Nexus, dedicated to mapping growth and change over time in BeltLine neighborhoods. The data has aided ABI in identifying key vulnerable subareas – a geographic tool used by ABI for master planning purposes – and includes Subareas 1 and 10, which surround the Chappell Road site.

Understanding metrics across the BeltLine Planning Area will help ABI design and implement more effective policy interventions to mitigate against unintended effects, such as rising housing costs, property taxes, and commercial lease rates, that threaten to displace longtime residents and businesses. ABI and ABP opened the Atlanta BeltLine Legacy Resident Retention Program to help mitigate displacement and support homeowners by covering the cost of increases in property taxes through 2030. Eligible residents in west and southwest Atlanta can get more information and apply now at www.beltline.org/retentionfund.


  • The Chappell Road site is of regional significance and will have a profound positive impact on the affordability and job creation
  • Brock Built Homes, and their affiliated companies, sold the property to ABI for $25.6 million, 30% below their last appraised value. The reduction in the sales price is a donation from the Brocks to further the goal of an affordable and inclusive Atlanta.
  • Financing of the acquisition was made possible through Atlantic Capital Bank. The site is located within the BeltLine Tax Allocation District (TAD) and bounded by Chappell Road, North Avenue, Mayson Turner Road, and a CSX rail line.

The Chappell Road site is of regional significance and will have a profound positive impact on the affordability and job creation promises of the Atlanta BeltLine.

This timeline is a general projected outlook for next steps and phases of the Request for Proposals process. Please note that the dates on the timeline are estimates and are subject to change.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Purchases 31 Acre Site in Bankhead / Historic Westin Heights Neighborhood

Initial public meeting announcing purchase

Public Input

Shaped by Meaningful Community Participation

Similar to other sites owned by ABI, ABI will conduct extensive community engagement to incorporate the desires and vision of adjacent residents and local businesses, culminating in a Request for Proposals to invite developers to submit proposals to redevelop the site.

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Reports, Documents and More

To learn more about Chappell Road, we encourage you to review the documents and reports below. We will continue to post more resources as they become available.

Subarea 10: Master Plan

Adopted: Subarea 10 – October 5, 2020
(Updated plan)
Subarea 10: Master Plan Appendices

Neighborhoods: Ashview Heights, Grove Park, Harris Chiles, Historic Westin Heights/Bankhead, Hunter Hills, Just Us, Mozley Park, and parts of Vine City and West End.

Subarea 9: Master Plan

Adopted: Subarea 9 – October 5, 2020
(Updated plan)
Subarea 9: Master Plan Appendices

Neighborhoods: Subarea 9 is bounded by West Marietta Street to the North, Johnson Road to the west, Northside Drive to the east, and Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway to the South.

BeltLine Overlay District Regulations

City of Atlanta Ordinance.

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