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Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee (TADAC)

Engaging the Community in the Beltline Vision


Roles & Responsibilities

The Atlanta Beltline Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee (TADAC) was created to ensure Atlantans could share feedback on the planning, design, and implementation of the Beltline. The group also helps provide recommendations on how to manage the Atlanta Beltline Tax Allocation District (TAD).

Since implementation, the committee has completed:

  • The development and implementation of a comprehensive decision support measurement tool.

  • An independent review of the Atlanta Beltline’s Five-Year Work Plan.

  • The joint drafting of an equitable development plan alongside Atlanta Beltline, Inc. (ABI).

A crowd walks along a paved pathway. To their left are several restaurants and businesses.

Our Community Engagement Framework

Ensuring the Community Has a Voice

To help guide community engagement, we developed a framework consisting of five components (including TADAC). Those components are:

  • The TADAC and Affordable Housing Advisory Board

  • The inclusion of a community representative on the ABI Board of Directors

  • At least one community engagement advocate on staff for ABI

  • Formal community reporting

  • Mechanisms to engage the community living in the Atlanta Beltline Planning Area

An older man writes what he wants to see on the Atlanta Beltline on a large poster.

TADAC Members

Meet the Committee

The TADAC is composed of stakeholders who represent various communities, governing bodies, and neighborhood groups. The TADAC also contains two subcommittees for further feedback and engagement: the Finance Subcommittee, which makes recommendations on all matters related to Atlanta Beltline finances, and the Development Subcommittee, which monitors the equitable and efficient implementation of the Beltline on behalf of TADAC. The Development Subcommittee also ensures that Atlanta Beltline, Inc. is adhering to the plans outlined in the Strategic Implementation Plan.

5 vacancies

  • Stephanie Flowers

  • Don Penovi

  • Coreen Dent

  • Ronald Grunwald

  • Robert Morris

  • Heather Graybill

  • Richard Taylor

1 vacancy

  • Lucy Bigham

  • Doretta Hayes-Parker

  • Mat Tainow

  • Sagirah Jones

  • Joey Kline

1 vacancy

  • Phillippa Chadd

1 vacancy

  • David Mitchell

  • Andrew Gorang

6 vacancies

  • Gabriel Sterling

  • M. Dawn Brockington-Shaw

  • Retina Burton

  • Lamar Willis

Contact Us

If you're interested in working on the TADAC, email us.