BeltLine Live Stream – Journey of a Black Girl Phase I: What Little Black Girls Are Made Of

GA, United States

Journey of a Black Girl merges the core of self-expression and the innocence of adolescence. Integrating everyday rituals and practices passed down through our ancestors, Phase I is dedicated to the moments when we learned we are black. Please join us for a Facebook Live stream of this art performance video. To learn more about … Continue Reading →

BeltLine Live Stream: We Can’t Cop Cars Without Seeing Cop Cars

GA, United States

The project explores the notion of Black leisure by highlighting spaces where Black men can experience freedom, autonomy, and joy. Few representations of Black life depict these images or even considers these as valid experiences. We Can’t Cop... uses cars as an allegorical as well as a literal suggestion of movement and escapism from the … Continue Reading →

Enfold Pavilion Opening and Artists Talk

Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail at Irwin Street 660 Irwin St NE, Atlanta, GA, United States

Please join us for the opening event of the Atlanta Beltline installation "Enfold Pavilion" designed and executed by Zamila Karimi (Senior Lecturer for KSU Architecture) and Farhaan Samnani (KSU Architecture Alumni) The project questions the notion of the house as a standard A-frame polygon: a metaphor for personal memories, dreams, and aspirations. The form twists, … Continue Reading →

Revenant Warrior

Eastside Trail Atlanta, GA, United States

Revenant Warrior is part of a series of traveling performances that question accessibility across the American landscape wherein performance artist Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn becomes an object of reverence that serves as a reminder of one’s own limitations, inevitable mortality, and the systematic need to act now on accommodating current and future disabilities.


Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail: Lee Murphy Tunnel

Klimchak and Stuart Gerber will perform a pop-up percussion concert for home-built instruments which use water as part of their design. Waterphonics, uses a custom-built bass marimba, made from 15-25 water-cooler jugs tuned to a microtonal scale with different amounts of water in them. The duet is similar to a 4 hand piano piece.

Lebeato Lounge: Water Wonderland

Atlanta Beltline at Southside Trail - McDonough Blvd Tunnel Atlanta, GA, United States

Klimchak and Stuart Gerber will perform a percussion concert for home-built instruments which use water as part of their design. This concert features a homebuilt carboy marimba tuned with water, several sets of water-filled steel bowls connected together with tubing and a wheeled cart with a working sink played with various pots, pans, bowed strings, springs … Continue Reading →