2016 Lantern Parade

The Lantern Parade is hosted by the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons and kicks off the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition on the first Saturday after Labor Day each year.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Dennis and his wife Faye felt that they were destined to live on the Atlanta BeltLine from the time it was merely a kernel of an idea. After migrating south from Baltimore in 1997, they renovated a 100-year-old bungalow in Inman Park and, about ten years later, downsized to a condo in Grinnell Lofts directly […] Read more
posted in Volunteer, Volunteer Spotlight // 11/26/12
As a kid-turned-young-adult growing up in New Orleans, Jasmine couldn’t quite put her finger on what was missing in her life. She migrated to Portland, Oregon, where she met her boyfriend, Edward Smith, and the two of them moved to Atlanta together. As someone who never had a driver’s license, Jasmine always relied on her […] Read more
Stepping out the back door, Shireen Herrington watches the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail take shape from among the hot peppers and herbs in the chef’s garden behind her restaurant. Shireen is the manager at Two Urban Licks and feels a connection to her Austin, Texas roots when walking through the trails, linear greenspace, and art of the […] Read more
posted in Volunteer, Volunteer Spotlight // 06/24/12
Our superstar volunteers are one [really big] part of what makes building this project so enjoyable – and so do-able! Lauren Cohen is one of those volunteers who embraces the Atlanta BeltLine in her capacity as a Speakers’ Bureau member. With a background in real estate, the redevelopment aspect of the project really sparked her […] Read more
posted in Volunteer, Volunteer Spotlight // 04/25/12
Since Ryan Gravel first dreamt up the concept of the Atlanta BeltLine in 1999, the project has relied on grassroots supporters. We all know what that means: volunteers. Lots of volunteers. In this blog series, we take a moment to highlight some of the incredible people who give tirelessly to the Atlanta BeltLine purely out […] Read more
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