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Atlanta Beltline, Inc. Passes Historical $172 Millon Budget, Accelerating Trail Completion and Expanding Affordable Housing Goals 

The board of directors of Atlanta Beltline, Inc. and Invest Atlanta passed the Beltline’s largest yearly budget yet at $172 million for fiscal year 2025...

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JUNE 21, 2024

The board of directors of Atlanta Beltline, Inc. and Invest Atlanta passed the BeltLine’s largest yearly budget yet at $172 million for fiscal year 2025. The top three areas of the total budget are design and construction, real estate, and affordable housing.

Funding will help the BeltLine exceed its affordable housing goal by about 30% and increase the pace of construction to meet the scheduled completion date of 2030. It also includes funding needed to purchase land parcels required to finish the trail.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has four primary funding sources: the BeltLine Tax Allocation District (TAD), philanthropic sources, the BeltLine’s Special Service District (SSD), and federal, state and local agency grants.

With construction expenses financed through other funding sources, the majority of Beltline TAD funds are earmarked for affordable housing. The Beltline will develop more affordable housing than originally set out by the 2005 Beltline Redevelopment Plan, despite rising development costs. There are 488 new affordable housing units in the pipeline for 2024 and another 626 units planned for 2025. Click here to learn more about affordable housing projects along the Beltline.

Funding will also allow the Beltline to acquire land, mostly for the Northwest Trail. This accelerates construction towards its goal of completing the 22-mile trail corridor by 2030. In FY2025, the Beltline will have 13 active construction projects, and by June 2026, 17.5 miles of the mainline trail will be complete. The Beltline previously announced that 16.3 miles of continuous mainline trail will be finished by the time Atlanta hosts the World Cup in 2026.

The newly approved budget also includes funds for the Beltline’s business support initiatives, including a small business grant program launch, the Atlanta Beltline MarketPlace small business incubator program, and the Business Solutions Center. Lastly, it provides support for the Beltline’s community engagement efforts, an important piece that keeps the public informed about the project and allows residents to contribute their valuable input.

To stay updated on Beltline progress and provide your feedback, consider attending a community meeting.


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