Supplemental Weekend Trash Pickup on the Eastside Trail

A new initiative has recently begun on the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine, aiming to maintain its beauty and cleanliness for all to enjoy. In cooperation with the City of Atlanta Parks Department, Atlanta BeltLine is partnering with Executive Realty Solutions, Inc. (ERS) to conduct supplemental trash pickup on weekend evenings. The enhanced service is made possible by a millage rate increase for park improvements passed by the City in 2023.

Executive Realty Solutions, Inc. collecting trash on the Eastside Trail as part of the supplemental weekend pickup.

ERS will be out on weekend nights to collect trash along the Eastside Trail, particularly targeting high-traffic areas between DeKalb Ave and 10th & Monroe. This program aims to support the Parks Department BeltLine crew by servicing trash cans in addition to the City’s typical morning collection, preventing overflowing trash cans during peak evening times of foot traffic.

Data collected from our Eco-Counter site at Irwin St on the Eastside Trail, shows that weekends during the spring and fall see consistently high foot traffic. with Saturdays boasting over 10,000 visits. Saturday, March 30th, recorded just under 15,000 trips at the Irwin counter alone, emphasizing the importance of keeping the trail clean during peak times.

This effort highlights the BeltLine’s commitment to supporting the City’s upkeep of Atlanta’s beloved public spaces, especially during times of high visitation. To report trash overflow or another maintenance issue, please contact ATL311. Together, we can keep the Eastside Trail clean and enjoyable for everyone.

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