Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Soliciting Bids for Construction of Northwest Trail – Segment 5

Seeking bids to kickstart construction of the first segment of the Northwest Trail, paving the way for over 4 miles of trail development

Nortwest Trail - Segment 5 Map
Nortwest Trail – Segment 5 Map

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) is seeking a construction firm to build Northwest Trail – Segment 5. An Invitation to Bid is now open for the trail project, totaling 0.8 miles, which will extend from the intersection of Marietta Boulevard and Huff Road to the intersection of Culpepper and English Street. This segment will tie into a planned regional trail connection to the Silver Comet Trail and the Chattahoochee River.

The Northwest Trail, spanning the northern arc of the BeltLine, totaling 4.4 miles upon completion, will connect the completed Westside Trail – Segment 3, and extend east to the future northernmost segment of the Northeast Trail.

“This is an exciting moment for the Atlanta BeltLine as we embark on the initial construction phase of the Northwest Trail. Segment 5 marks a significant milestone as we set the groundwork of the completion for the entire Northwest Trail.” said Kimberly Wilson, Vice President of Design & Construction for Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. “This milestone not only signifies progress to our vision of a fully completed 22-mile loop by 2030, but also represents our commitment to weaving communities together, creating pathways to opportunity, and building bridges to a more inclusive future. We are looking forward to receiving bids from diverse, local firms, reflecting our commitment to equity and supplier diversity especially those who share our vision as we build the next segments of the BeltLine.”

The Northwest Trail Map as of August 2022
The Northwest Trail Map as of August 2022

The construction of Northwest Trail – Segment 5 is expected to begin in June 2024, with a construction schedule of approximately 14-months. Construction will include a 14-foot-wide multi-use trail, landscaping, fiber duct bank, retaining walls, connections to adjoining streets, stainless-steel handrails and guardrails, storm drainage, and stormwater management (with a focus on green infrastructure), brownfield remediation, lighting, and installation of security cameras.

By the end of 2024, the development of the BeltLine will continue to make significant progress, with 85% of the transformative project either completely or actively under construction. Additionally, the integration of the Northwest Trail contributes to this progress, further enhancing connectivity and equitable access to transportation for all in Atlanta.

Design of the remaining segments of the Northwest Trail is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

To date, 10.4 miles of the 22-mile BeltLine mainline loop and 10.3 miles of connector trails that tie directly into current and future segments of the BeltLine mainline trail have been completed.

To view this solicitation, interested parties can register on BeltLine’s procurement management website. Once registered, the invitation can be found here: Invitation to Bid, Northwest Trail – Segment 5 Construction. Bids are due March 26, 2024.

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