Workforce Development on the BeltLine

As a cornerstone of Atlanta’s urban redevelopment, the BeltLine doesn’t just aim to catalyze growth but actively creates access to opportunities. To date, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI), has made significant progress, completing over 59% of our goal of creating 50,000 permanent jobs. The allure of the BeltLine areas continues to attract companies of various sizes and sectors, presenting abundant job opportunities for local residents. Through thoughtful workforce development programming, ABI enhances opportunity by fostering connections that promote career advancement and economic growth.  

ABI partners with organizations like CareerRise to bridge the gap between residents and job opportunities. CareerRise aids employers, training providers, support services, job seekers, and funders in metro Atlanta, in cultivating partnerships and implementing fair workforce strategies. Westside Works, a flagship program managed by CareerRise, stands as a cornerstone for workforce development in BeltLine neighborhoods. Westside Works offers comprehensive training, educational services, and access to quality jobs. As a result, 68 BeltLine residents who have undergone training boast an impressive 85% employment placement rate. 

Looking ahead, the ABI remains dedicated to advancing its workforce development initiatives. As Kelvin, Vice President of Economic Development at the BeltLine, aptly puts it: “Empowering BeltLine residents through tailored workforce development services not only creates career pathways but builds and strengthens thriving communities, ensuring the BeltLine project delivers on its promise of job creation.”   

In the coming year, ABI aims to establish a high-functioning workforce development ecosystem, seeking partnerships with workforce development service providers in key sectors like green economy jobs and healthcare. The Atlanta BeltLine’s commitment to economic development and workforce empowerment ensures continued success, making it a beacon of job creation and community growth. 

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