Know Before You Go: New Signage Aims to Support Trail Experience 

In collaboration with the City of Atlanta, were introducing a new wayfinding system on the Atlanta BeltLine to assist city workers and emergency response personnel—Emergency Response Signage. You’ll see the signage posted on paved trails, consisting of stickers that will be affixed to every light pole, marked with unique numbers that facilitate precise location reporting during any incidents that may occur along trails (as shown in the example below).

These numbers not only help first responders identify the location of an incident, but also provide them with detailed directions to the location of the nearest trail access point.  

The signage on unpaved interim trails will consist of one sign posted every .10 miles. The installation will begin February 8, 2024 and is expected to be complete by late winter. 

For non-emergency issues, ATL311 provides a reporting platform. If you encounter routine maintenance concerns like fallen trees or trail debris, use ATL311. To do this, simply access ATL311’s chatbot by clicking on the chat icon on the website or mobile app. For phone access, dial 404-546-0311 and follow the prompts. ATL311’s chatbot offers a guided experience for non-emergency services and can help answer any landscape inquiries.  

To use the Emergency Response Signage, dial 911 and provide the operator with the corresponding number on the nearest sticker (as shown above). This will streamline the response process, ensuring accurate location information.  

These tools will ensure you’re well-equipped to reach out about any issues you might see. Thanks for being a vital part of the community as we collectively contribute to a safer and more secure BeltLine!  

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