CocoCakes by Coco Finds Its Sweet Spot on the BeltLine 

CocoCakes by Coco has been a beacon of delectable delights and community engagement. From its humble beginnings on the Lincoln University campus to the thriving brick-and-mortar location in Tucker, Georgia, CocoCakes has carved a sweet niche in the hearts of its patrons. Surrounded by family traditions and a passion for baking, Corey McDonald founded CocoCakes in 1991 and today works alongside his partner, Kina Morgan and wife, Nicole.  

The BeltLine Marketplace has helped in expanding CocoCakes’ horizons. Corey envisions the program not just as a means of growth but as a franchise model, imparting invaluable lessons on navigating the nuances of running a second location. This opportunity, coupled with the bustling Beltline Westside Trail location, has allowed them to test their franchise model and capture a new demographic in the heart of Atlanta. 

For the past 18 months, the BLMP program has provided a platform to understand the intricacies of expansion. Corey’s involvement in community events and their commitment to hiring locally showcase CocoCakes’ dedication to fostering community engagement. 

As CocoCakes wraps up their time on the BeltLine at the end of this year, they will continue to sweeten the Atlanta community at their Tucker location. Their vision of bringing people together through the joy of delicious cakes remains unwavering.  

Watch the video below to learn more about CocoCakes’ positive impact. 


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