Explore the BeltLine with The City is a Circle

Join us for an exploration of the Atlanta BeltLine in The City is a Circle, an event series curated by our 2023 Scholar-in-Residence Rachel Parish.   

Running the second Sunday of each month through April 2024, each event will be led by Atlanta-based artists and thinkers. The free-to-attend series will offer diverse experiences, from philosophical discussions to hands-on creative projects.  

Tree Time: A Living History Walk will kick off the series with a day-long adventure between two of the oldest trees along the Atlanta BeltLine.   

During the walk, Atlantans will have the chance to witness over seven miles of ancient, changing, and connected landscapes, and hear from community leaders and memory-keepers including Parish, Ann Hill Bond, and Heather Bird Harris.

The walk will start at Ashview Community Gardens before continuing through developed and undeveloped parts of the BeltLine, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods, industrial infrastructure, and wild spaces, before ending at Atlanta Memorial Park. Snacks and lunch will be provided. For more information, click here

Other events in the series include:  

About our Residency Program: The Atlanta BeltLine’s Residency Program is designed to offer artists real-world exposure to public art and infrastructure. As the BeltLine’s Scholar-in-Residence, Parish will produce a peer-reviewed academic white paper and a public presentation of her research findings. During her residence, she has focused on how the Atlanta Beltline functions as a physical and spiritual space that reflects complex relationships with the built environment around it.  

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