Terri’s Heart: Painting Emotions on the BeltLine


“Terri’s Heart” by Aysha Pennerman Photo: The Sintoses.


Art has long been recognized as a universal language, transcending cultural boundaries and connecting individuals through shared experiences. Many artists featured on the Beltline use it as an opportunity to make an impact in their community. The ever-growing public art exhibition has the goal of improving neighborhood connectivity and access to cultural amenities.

Aysha Pennerman sees her art as a way to be a light in the world through her creativity. Her mural titled “Terri’s Heart” stands as a testament to the rawness and vulnerability of human emotions. Located on Southside Trail 5, this vibrant piece is in remembrance of her Aunt Terri who brightened many people’s lives. While construction is currently underway on SST 4 & 5 it is temporarily closed, but if you’re able to catch a glimpse of its visual allure you won’t regret it. Every stroke and element within “Terri’s Heart” holds significance, offering viewers an opportunity to interpret and connect with the artist’s intention.

Hear from Aysha Pennerman as she shares how she uses public art on the Beltline to serve as a catalyst for introspection and emotional connection.

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