Atlanta BeltLine Calls on Atlanta Businesses to Participate in Citywide Business Survey  


Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., Invest Atlanta and the City of Atlanta are joining forces to spearhead a survey to hear from businesses citywide. By sharing their voices and ideas, businesses that respond to the survey will shape policy and ideas to support our vibrant and thriving business community in Atlanta for years to come.

The data from the survey will be used by policymakers, city officials, business organizations, and the wider community to understand the business climate and identify the needs of Atlanta businesses. By gathering comprehensive data on the business landscape, the survey will provide crucial insights into the challenges faced by businesses. This information will empower decisionmakers to develop programs and initiatives that will enhance economic growth, support small businesses, foster equity and strengthen the overall business community.

Who can take part?

The survey is open to all businesses within the City of Atlanta limits, regardless of their size or whether they hold a City of Atlanta business license. The survey seeks participation in particular from legacy businesses, those located in target equity areas, minority-owned businesses and small business enterprises. Every business owner or representative’s perspective is valuable and will contribute to shaping the future of Atlanta’s business landscape.

How to participate?

The business survey can be taken here:

We encourage all eligible businesses, meaning any business located in the City of Atlanta, to participate.

How long with the survey be open?

The survey opens on June 22, 2023 and remain open for several weeks.

Who is administering the survey?

The survey has been thoughtfully designed by ETC Institute, a trusted firm specializing in business data collection. All survey responses will be handled by ETC Institute. ETC surveys are designed with the highest standards of confidentiality, anonymity and data privacy.

Public Report and Findings

Upon completion of the data analysis, a comprehensive public report will be released, providing a detailed overview of the survey findings. This report will serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, city officials, business organizations and the wider community, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted policies to support business growth and development.

Take part today!

We encourage all businesses within the city limits of Atlanta to take the survey, spread the word, and help us gather a comprehensive dataset that will foster an inclusive and prosperous business ecosystem in Atlanta.

Please take the survey at and help us spread the word by sharing it on social media or texting it to a friend.

For inquiries or further information about the survey, please contact

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