Affordable Living in the Heart of the City

At 55 Milton and similar apartment communities along the Atlanta BeltLine, Atlanta residents like Amei can afford to live in a beautiful apartment intown, close to work and amenities.

Amei says she saves money with a much shorter commute to work, walks to her dance class and gets groceries at the local farmer’s market. Best of all – no roomie needed. For the first time, she has a place all to herself.

With developments like 55 Milton in the Peoplestown neighborhood, Atlanta BeltLine is keeping its promise to preserve or create 5,600 units of affordable housing by 2030.

55 Milton is a new apartment community with beautiful amenities right on the BeltLine, where all 156 units are dedicated affordable housing. With one-, two- and three-bedroom units, the community opened last year thanks in part to a $2 million investment from the Atlanta BeltLine Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Through strong partnerships with the city, community and key partners, Atlanta BeltLine can help families earning between 50%-70% of Area Median Income (AMI) find affordable apartments with modern features, in neighborhoods close to jobs, schools, public transportation and the benefits of intown life.

Atlanta BeltLine has a goal to tell 5,600 stories like Amei’s by keeping its promise to build and protect affordable housing.

Watch the video to hear first-hand how accessibility is happening.

To learn more about AMI, read: Affordable housing: Area Median Income and what it means.

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