Life on the Atlanta BeltLine: Hugh Malkin 

The Atlanta BeltLine means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it’s a destination—a place to hang out and grab a drink or a selfie. For others, it’s a means to a healthier lifestyle. And for others still, it’s a way a life. Hugh Malkin and his family fall into the latter category. Tired of the traffic and the congestion, Hugh and his wife longed for a more bike and pedestrian lifestyle that they had known in the early days of their relationship in Europe. The Atlanta BeltLine provided an opportunity to create that. 

The family sold their car, moved from Grant Park to Midtown, and purchased an electric cargo bike to safely transport their two small children to school, ballet, parks, or the grocery story via the trail corridor. 

“We use the BeltLine at least twice a day,” Hugh shared. “The BeltLine enhances our quality of life by really allowing my wife and I to engage with our kids on a whole different level that we can’t do if we’re in a car.”

Hear their story:

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  1. Who keeps staging boulders to prevent Beltline bike access to/from Midtown Promenade? Is it the legal property owner or a role player? The staircase down the driveway is demonstrably impractical.

    1. Hi Lee – we placed boulders a few years ago to prevent vehicles from being able to easily access the corridor, but haven’t staged any since to prevent bike access. Please let us know if other boulders are being moved around. There is a ramp at the stairs that can be used to walk a bike. Thank you! ~Jenny

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