Northwest Trail – Segments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Northern terminus of the Westside Trail at Huff Road to the northern end of the Northeast Trail at Armour-Ottley // Subarea 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The Northwest Trail will run 4.3 miles from the northern terminus of the Westside Trail (in the area of West Marietta and Huff Road) over to the Northeast Trail (in the area of the Armour-Ottley commercial district and the Lindbergh MARTA station). The mainline trail will be 14 feet wide.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc’s (ABI’s) engineering, real estate, and economic development teams collaborated with the PATH Foundation on the alignment study of the Northwest Trail. The background on the prioritized alignments can be researched in the Northwest Trail Feasibility Study Addendum.

ABI published a separate Request for Qualifications to study transit alignments in fall 2022, which will be funded through a Federal Transit Authority grant.

Atlanta BeltLine Northwest Trail prioritized alignments as of August 30, 2022.
Atlanta BeltLine Northwest Trail prioritized alignments as of August 30, 2022.

Project Status

Below is an update on each of the segments:

  • Northwest Trail – Segment 1: This section of trail is 0.8 miles in length, beginning at the western edge of Peachtree Parks Apartments and running south along Peachtree Creek. We have executed a contract with Reeves Young to be our Construction Manager at Risk for Segment 1. We have completed 60% drawings for this segment and our CM is actively pricing the set. Design drawings could be complete as early as March 2024. ABI expects to release early enabling work such as material orders, utility relocations, or the reconfiguration of the Peachtree Park Apartments parking areas before the construction documents are completed.
  • Northwest Trail – Segment 2: This segment begins at the southwest corner of Bobby Jones Golf Course and travels east along Colonial Hills Circle for 0.7 miles. 60% design is expected to be complete in January 2024.  Once design is 60% complete, real estate easements and purchases can be negotiated and finalized.
  • Northwest Trail – Segment 3: This section of trail begins at Trabert Avenue near Monday Night Brewing’s parking lot and ends after crossing under I-75 at Tanyard Creek, for a total length of 1.2 miles. Design will be 30% complete by February 2024. Contracting is underway for Construction Manager at Risk Services.  The construction manager will provide early assistance with construction logistics, scheduling, and budgeting while the drawings are being completed.
  • Northwest Trail – Segment 4: This 0.9-mile-long trail begins at English and Culpepper and ends at the parking lot of Monday Night Brewery at Trabert. Design is expected to be 60% complete by March of 2024. A community meeting was held on November 6 at 6:30 p.m.  Download the presentation and view the meeting recording here
  • Northwest Trail – Segment 5: This trail section begins at the intersection of Marietta Blvd and Huff Rd, traveling to Ellsworth Industrial and English Street for a total of 0.7 miles. Real estate work is currently underway to purchase the final right-of-way needed to construct the trail. The project is scheduled to be posted for a construction bid in January of 2024 with a construction start date in March or April of 2024. The construction schedule is expected to be 18 months.

Project Timeline

April 2021
PATH Foundation launched trail alignment study; community meetings began in May
July 2022
RFQ posted for transit planning study
August 2022
Final prioritized alignments presented to community
September 2022
Began design and survey work
January 2024
Northwest Trail - Segment 2: Expected 60% design completed
January 2024
Northwest Trail - Segment 5: Project scheduled posted for construction bid
February 2024
Northwest Trail - Segment 3: Expected 30% design completed
March 2024
Northwest Trail - Segment 4: Expected 60% design completed
March 2024
Northwest Trail - Segment 1: Projected completion of design drawings

Last Updated: December 4, 2023