New Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

As the warmth of spring beacons you outside, we have another reason for you to come out on the Atlanta BeltLine: new art!

Over the past few weeks, sculptures from the 2021-2022 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition have been quietly appearing.  If you haven’t yet stumbled upon these BeltLine Spaces during your regular walk or ride, here are the latest additions to the Southeast’s largest temporary public art exhibition.

  1. Itti’ kapochcha to’li’ by Addison Karl (2021). Location: Eastside Trail next to the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. Itti’ kapochcha to’li’ known as “little brother of war” is the Chickasaw name for a game also referred to as ‘stickball.’ Toli has been enjoyed by many of the Woodland Nations of the Southeast for thousands of years. This artwork is a celebration of generation after generation playing this game.
Itti’ kapochcha to’li’ is game that has been played on this land for thousands of years.
  1. American Dream Series by Judith Hoffman (2021). Location: Westside Trail at Lena Street. Hoffman’s work investigates human relationships to sanctuary. It engages our elemental need for a secure sense of home – whether permanent or ephemeral – embodied in the spaces, communities and structures within which we live our daily lives. It also simultaneously acknowledges a countervailing – if not always wholly conscious – impulse to abandon, escape or even destroy those same sanctuaries when they begin to stultify us.
American Dream Series by Judith Hoffman can be found on the Westside Trail at Lena Street.
  1. Dingbat by Earl Dismuke (2021). Location: Eastside Trail, between Ralph McGill Blvd and the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. The artist’s sculptures are abstract, made from wood, steel, cast aluminum and found objects from everyday life or bulky industrial metal castoffs from scrap yards and fabrication plants. His work tells his story, but he likes to leave enough ambiguity in the work that the audience can make their own interpretations.
Dingbat by Earl Dismuke. Photo: John Becker
  1. Enfold pavilion by Zamila Karimi and Farhaan Samnani (2021). Location: Eastside Trail at Irwin Street. Enfold pavilion offers a versatile personal space for visitors of all ages on the BeltLine to pause in its magical colorful atmosphere. The interactive spatial experience hosts a topographical cloud of clear tiles floating in the air with messages/names of loved ones as a memorial during this challenging time.
Enfold pavilion opened on the Eastside Trail at Irwin Street on March 25 with an artist talk by Zamila Karimi and Farhaan Samnani.

More is still to come with additional BeltLine Spaces sculpture installations later this spring as well as BeltLine Walls, the mural component of the public art exhibition.

BeltLine Flow, the performance segment of the exhibition will kick off on April 1 with performances taking place around the Atlanta BeltLine almost every weekend through the end of June.

For upcoming events and performances, visit: or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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