CSX to replace railroad bridge over Northside Trail in Tanyard Creek and Ardmore Parks

CSX will be removing and replacing the wooden railroad trestle that runs between Tanyard Creek Park and Ardmore Park and over the Atlanta BeltLine Northside Trail. On February 28, the contractor, Brasfield Gorrie, will close the trail and begin work, which is expected to last through 2022. Detour signs will be posted with routes, which will include using Collier Road and Ardmore Road to navigate around the closure. Construction hours will be 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Rendering of the new CSX bridge to be constructed over the Northside Trail
Rendering of the new CSX bridge to be constructed over the Northside Trail.

City of Atlanta Parks Department, along with PATH Foundation, are the project leads with CSX and Brasfield Gorrie. Please reach out to tanyardpark@brasfieldgorrie.com with any questions. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is supporting communications efforts around the trail closure.

CSX Railroad, Brasfield Gorrie, the City of Atlanta, and District 8 Councilmember Mary Norwood hosted a public community meeting on February 22 via Zoom. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and PATH Foundation representatives were also in attendance.

The Atlanta BeltLine Race Series is set to host the Northside 3k-5k on April 23, 2022. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership and Atlanta Track Club will develop a race route with these changes in mind and will keep registrants informed.

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  1. What a shame. The current trestle is a beautiful historic structure (a piece of art in and of itself), and it’s going to be replaced by this bland looking thing? I really hope that all options to preserve the current structure were exhausted before this demolition decision was made.

  2. While I understand the new to replace aging infrastructure, I do think a more pleasing design could be used by CSX for it’s new bridge. CSX as a corporation doesn’t seem to care much about public good; from projects like this to being anti-passenger rail.

  3. The wooden trestle was my favorite part of that walk. When I walked under it, I felt like I had gone backwards in time. Sorry that it will no longer be a feature of this lovely trail.

  4. If the rendering is correct, the Beltline width will not be increased, so there will still not be room for transit, and of course it’s pretty narrow now for foot/bike traffic (in addition to the ugliness and the lack of notice to allow a last look).

  5. I am very concerned as to whether this bridge will accommodate the proposed light rail on this trail. If not, then it’s just another obstacle to light rail on the beltline—which we so desperately need.

    1. The Belt Line goes UNDER the bridge. It carries a very active track, that will no doubt remain that way for decades to come. From the looks of the rendering, when (or rather, if) transit is built along the Belt Line, there’s room for it.

  6. I agree the current bridge is lovely, but it’s stability has been iffy for years. Sorry to see it go, but it really did need to be replaced.

    1. Agree. I will miss the smell of the wood and I guess tar. I’m sure it was owned by the RR. The worst aspect of that area is what humans throw away and ends up in the creek. Those beavers live in a junk yard sometimes.

  7. The detour is so unbelievably inconvenient, and this new trestle is an eye sore, way to ruin our trail. The bridge was also my favorite part of walking/riding bikes through there. So this part of the trail will be closed all summer? Just wonderful. They haven’t even started demolishing the old trestle yet. Also seems like a lot of pollution from the construction will be entering the little creek, terrible.

  8. Is there a current timeline for when this project is to be completed? The original signs reflected august 2022, I believe

    1. The most recent info I have is that on November 16, 17, and 18, the contractor will be working from 1 to 11 a.m. to take down the current existing bridge. They appreciate neighbors’ patience as they work outside the traditional hours. Thank you!

      1. Hi Jenny, can we get an update? Latest messaging said the path would be opened by “end of 2022”. No one responds to the email listed as the contact for the project.

  9. Any update on when the project will be completed? They’ve made a lot of progress, hoping it will be done soon

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