Creation of New SSD Stakeholder Advisory Board

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) announces the creation of its inaugural Special Service District (SSD) Advisory Board. Comprised of 24 community stakeholders, the SSD Advisory Board will provide an additional layer of review and accountability with regard to the management of SSD-related funding for the completion of the Atlanta BeltLine trail.

In March 2021, Atlanta City Council approved legislation to create the Atlanta BeltLine SSD, which will provide approximately $100 million towards completing the Atlanta BeltLine’s 22-mile trail corridor.  Prior to its passing, ABI organized a series of virtual community meetings with the general public, and direct meetings with business owners, civic groups, property owners, etc., explaining the SSD, answering questions, and collecting feedback. The final legislation passed by the City Council included the creation of a stakeholder advisory board.

ABI sent out an open call to the community beginning in July 2021, and interested commercial property owners, small business operators, multifamily property owners, and multifamily rental property residents located in the SSD were encouraged to apply to the Advisory Board through September 7, 2021.

The new advisory board will meet quarterly and is responsible for providing non-binding advice, and review for the utilization of the $100M SSD funds to complete the Atlanta BeltLine trail loop.

The SSD Stakeholder Advisory Board members are :

  • Adam Parker
  • Adrienne Johnson
  • Akissi Stokes
  • Amy Knopf
  • Andrew Kern
  • Beverly Dabney
  • Brett Duke
  • Chantell Glenn
  • Charles Young
  • Jeff Delp
  • Jetha Wagner
  • John Barton
  • John Dwyer
  • Johnny Martinez
  • Johnson Bazzel
  • Judy Walker
  • Julie Sprinkle
  • Kendi Beyah
  • Krista Pittard-McMichen
  • Malloy Peterson
  • Michael Williams
  • Moses Carroll
  • Regina Bailey
  • Theresa Pringle

To complete the trail corridor by 2030, an estimated $350 million is needed. In addition to the approximately $100 million of funding for trail construction that sits under the scope of review of the SSD Advisory Committee, the passage of the SSD unlocks an additional $100 million in philanthropic contributions. ABI will leverage these funds to raise an additional $50 million in public grants and other sources. The legislation also complements $100 million from the BeltLine Tax Allocation District (TAD) for trail construction and other initiatives.

TAD funds under the review and input of other Atlanta BeltLine advisory boards and freed up from the passage of the SSD will enable additional affordable housing funds, small business support, and construction funds targeted towards minority-owned contractors. Completion of the trail corridor is expected to deliver a total economic impact of $10 billion and nearly 50,000 permanent jobs for the City of Atlanta.

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