Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Argos

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Atlanta BeltLine is pleased to highlight ARGOS, a Colombian cement and ready-mix company with U.S. headquarters in Metro Atlanta and two operating facilities along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. In addition to their presence as a legacy Latinx business on the corridor, they are also a partner in our efforts to construct the trails themselves. In fact, ARGOS and the BeltLine share a commitment to environmental sustainability, so the two organizations worked together to develop a unique blend of environmentally friendly concrete with a special color additive. As a result, the Beltline is the only project in Atlanta to have its unique, brilliant color.

ARGOS is based in Colombia but began expanding operations in 2005 to include other parts of South America, as well as Central America and the Caribbean. By 2011, the company became vertically integrated in the Southeastern United States and established its U.S. Headquarters in Atlanta. Now, with over 30 cement and ready-mix locations around the metro area, ARGOS has become heavily invested in the growth and development of the city. When offered the chance to help construct the Atlanta BeltLine, ARGOS was thrilled to help boost development within the corridor, which in turn is helping transform lives within the community. The company has supplied the materials to complete multiple phases of the BeltLine project, including recent additions to the Westside Trail.

ARGOS representative Caitlin McClure says their facility located on the Southside Trail provides concrete for BeltLine trail construction and poured roughly 12,000 cubic yards of concrete last month, though some of that figure includes other projects in the area. That facility and the ARGOS facility along the corridor at Armour Drive provide concrete for a wide range of uses across the city and McClure says this helps spur growth across the region, “we are proud that we are contributing to the strengthening of the job market and business economy.”

ARGOS produces concrete for the BeltLine at its facility on the Southside Trail.

ARGOS is also committed to helping with one of the BeltLine’s central priorities, developing quality affordable housing. McClure indicates that they work closely with local leaders to benefit those in need. “One of the flagship projects throughout the company’s three regions is called Healthy Living, in which – depending on the needs of the community – we help by providing healthier conditions for families.” She points to one example in Central America in which the company replaces dirt floors in homes with concrete, making them cleaner and safer. In the United States, ARGOS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help provide more affordable housing.

On a visit to Atlanta, ARGOS CEO Juan Esteban Calle enjoyed a tour of the BeltLine and has high praise for the project and the role the company has played in connecting people.

“We are extremely proud to have participated as a key supplier in this sustainable reconstruction project that connects neighborhoods and many small businesses through multi-use trails, street cars and parks, opening up opportunities for better affordable housing and more inclusive integrated communities. When I have had the opportunity to cross these trails, I am, once again, convinced that we are on the right path to the future we all want to build. The Beltline, without a doubt, reiterates our purpose of promoting the development of the territories where we are present and transforming the lives of our surrounding communities through infrastructure projects.”

– Juan Esteban Calle, ARGOS CEO

As a legacy business on the BeltLine, ARGOS is proud of its status as a long-time contributor to the community, but McClure says they are sensitive to the realities of ARGOS’ position in an increasingly residential area. “Being a concrete plant in an urban environment has unique challenges. ARGOS takes pride in helping build the surrounding communities that require our building products while being respectful neighbors and making sure we meet our environmental commitments.”

ARGOS officials were excited about the opportunity to be recognized as part of National Hispanic Heritage month. McClure says the vast diversity of its teams is a point of pride and adds, “ARGOS celebrates inclusivity and fosters a professional environment where all voices are heard. For me, the mantra, ‘imagine what we can build together’ means having the freedom to grow in an organization that puts people first.”

The Atlanta BeltLine continues working towards its goal of completing trail construction by 2030, and the team at ARGOS is eager to have a big role in achieving that objective. Looking ahead, McClure says, “our goal at ARGOS is to continue our partnership, not only with the Beltline in the city of Atlanta, but to grow and strengthen connections in the surrounding communities. This will create a bright future of bringing Atlantans together for years to come.”

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