Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Executive Realty Solutions

Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Executive Realty Solutions Inc. from Atlanta BeltLine, Inc on Vimeo.

Behind the small staff of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) stands an army of consultants, contractors, and subcontractors who help implement the BeltLine vision. Since 2015, Executive Realty Solutions Inc. (E.R.S) has held one of those contracts—first as a sub-contractor, and then as a contractor responsible for maintaining ABI’s non-trail assets.

Created in 2004 by Justin Menifee and Eric Bryant, the minority-owned property management and preservation company provides field service management of asset portfolios, from maintaining grass to performing inspections, addressing code violations, or cleaning up vandalism.

“I work with a lot of clients, but specifically with Atlanta BeltLine, you’re on the cutting edge of development,” says REO director Justin Menifee, who describes the energy of the BeltLine as “infectious.”

E.R.S. regularly maintains sites such as Murphy Crossing and also manages many one-off projects such as large-scale debris removal or property clean-up.

“It’s been mutually beneficial for us, as well as, hopefully, for Atlanta BeltLine,” shares Menifee, who frequently uses the BeltLine on the weekend with his wife and two children. “It’s great to have such a well-known organization that we’ve partnered with. That social capital is something that we really appreciate and has helped our business tremendously.”

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