Westside Trail – Segment 3 (Marietta Blvd)

Westside Trail Segment 3 is mainline BeltLine trail // Subarea 10

Westside Segment 3 is mainline BeltLine trail and will run 1.22 miles from Law Street to Huff Road and include the use of right-of-way along Marietta Boulevard and the existing bridge over Tilford Yard.

Project Status

  • Construction is underway by the PATH Foundation in conjunction with ABI. Milling of the road to remove the asphalt and setting of new curbs are the first steps for this trail construction. Storm water reconfiguration and repairs, and utility relocations are also underway.
  • The multi-use trail is anticipated to be complete by early 2022.

Project Timeline

February 2021
Design complete
March 2021
Construction start
First quarter 2022
Anticipated completion date

Last Updated: July 2, 2021