Southside – Boulevard Crossing Park

+/- 25-acre park located at the intersection of Boulevard and Englewood SE // Subarea 3

This is Phase II of the design of Boulevard Crossing Park. The first phase of the park, which totaled five acres, opened in 2011 with two multiuse activity fields across five acres. The second phase of design incorporates the initial five acres into the broader, 25-acre park design. The new design will also link the park directly to the Southside Trail and will include active elements from the original 2009 Master Plan as well as new features that have been added through recent community engagement outreach.

Project Status

  • Design documents were expected to be at 80% completion in January 2022 with 100% completion anticipated before the end of the year.
  • Once design is complete, funding must be identified to begin construction.

Project Timeline

March 2019
Design team hired
End of 2022
Anticipated design completion

Last Updated: January 27, 2022